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Helping Financially Struggling Students at ESU

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Arshad Rivers is a sophomore at East Stroudsburg University. He lives on campus and enjoys being a Warrior.

“I feel like ESU is now my home. I feel like coming from where I come from, which is Philadelphia, now ESU is something I hold close and dear to me,” said Rivers.

Arshad’s time at ESU could soon be up due to unpaid bills.

And he’s not alone. More than 200 other students have until next week to pay tuition or housing, get account holds lifted, and register for classes or they will have to leave campus.

“Being here, being at ESU, and being a Warrior is something I really want to continue to do,” said Rivers.

This situation sparked a new initiate by ESU student government.

Members created a GoFundMe page called Students Support Students.

The hope is to raise $50,000.  That money will be used to pay student bills.

“I really do trust in the kindness of our community and I think to be able to support someone continuing their education is pretty amazing. We hope to do as much good as possible with what little time we have,” said Leila Bouchecouk, ESU Student Government President.

Not only are students helping students, but administrators are lending a helping hand, too. They also want everyone to graduate.

Santiago Solis is the Vice President of Campus Life.  His department has been working with at-risk students on financial aid, scholarship and grant opportunities. He says a lot of the students are the first in their families to attend college.

“It is extremely important for us to recruit them, retain them and support them in order for them to be professionally and academically successful,” said Solis.


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