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ESU Helps Homeless Students with New Program

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Winter break is almost over for East Stroudsburg University students. Classes are back in session next week.

But some students, who otherwise would have no place to go, spent the last month on campus participating in a pilot program.

“One of our students was very relieved that they didn’t have to live in their car over the break, which is huge. We know that there are insecurities out there, particularly with our students,” said Curtis Dugar, ESU Residential and Dining Services.

The program is called “Housing Work Exchange.” Students who don’t have enough money to stay on campus during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks, can stay in exchange for working on campus.

Seven students enrolled in the program.

“We decided we knew that we needed to do something to help them return back to campus and hopefully increase our ability to see them graduate,” said Dugar.

Shola Cascen is a freshman. She thinks it’s great the university is stepping up to help. Especially since a lot of students struggle financially.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea. Sometimes people don’t have a way to get home and it’s a win-win for both sides. You work it off and stay on campus for free,” said Cascen.

University officials tell Newswatch 16 that if any student knows of someone who can use a little extra help, contact Residential Services.


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