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Wintry Mix in the Poconos

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — The snow switch came on around noon in Stroudsburg on Wednesday. Flurries quickly started to pile onto roads, sidewalks, and cars.

“It’s a little slippery out there. You can go, but you got to be careful because the stopping is a little slippery,” said Frank Hollenback, East Stroudsburg.

This couple walking on Main Street say the snow come on faster than they expected.

“I think it was a little more than we anticipated. I think that the roads seem a little bit better than what we are used to though. The plow trucks have been out all day, and the roads are getting covered, but it’s really not too, too bad,” said Christine Gruccio, Stroudsburg.

People we spoke to say for the most part, the interstates and main roads are OK, but the side streets are where it gets a little dicey.

“Highway wasn’t too bad. The back roads are slippery and aren’t really plowed yet or anything,” said Tamir Moustafa, Pocono Summit.

Tamir Moustafa from Pocono Summit says he is ready for warmer weather.

“I can’t wait until summer. I really can’t. Last summer it was pretty rainy and I hope this summer it switches it up so that we get a decent summer, some heat,” said Moustafa.

“I think the groundhog was exaggerating when he said spring was on its way,” said Gruccio.

Others hope the warm weather expected sticks around for more than just a day or two.


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