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East Stroudsburg University Campus No Longer ‘Dry’

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — East Stroudsburg University is no longer considered a “dry” campus.

Students who are over the legal drinking age can now drink in their dorm rooms and apartments.

Officials made the announcement on Monday.

This new freedom for students are who are 21 comes with some guidelines. Students can only drink in their rooms or apartments, not out on campus quads or in the streets. And if students plan to drink in their rooms, they cannot have guests who are underage over during that time.

“If you are responsible and know the limits of how many drinks you can have, I think this will be fine,” said junior Collin Hayward.

University officials say it doesn’t mean students can throw big parties in their rooms. They have to act responsibly and there are guidelines.

If guests are under the age of 21, drinking is not allowed in rooms.

Kegs and drinking games are also not allowed.

“We are allowing our students of legal age to appropriately learn how to consume in their own residences. If students are not following or abiding by the law, they will come into our office and we will have a conversation and see what made them make the choices they made and how can we rectify that,” said Maria Cutsinger, student conduct and community standards.

Just because students over the age of 21 can drink in their rooms and apartments, it doesn’t mean they can bring that alcohol on the streets and drink it. Open container laws still apply.

Mackenzie Houlihan is a junior. she will be 21 next month. She thinks the change is a long time coming.

“You have the right, once you turn 21, you have the right so I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to in your dorm,” Houlihan said.

ESU officials say they will work closely with students who don’t feel comfortable living with another student who is over the legal drinking age and drinking in their room.


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