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EMT Test Offered at East Stroudsburg School District

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Instead of electing an art or music class, students at East Stroudsburg High School South are choosing to learn how to save a life in a new emergency medical response course.

“I want to go into being a nurse practitioner, and so I figured this would be a good way to jump-start my career,” said Elexes Strube.

The district’s school board recently approved the training course for high school students.

The course started this week.

Debbie Kulick is a school board member and was the driving force behind the program.

“I started as a high schooler, and this is my 45th year still volunteering in the community, and I have seen the difference that it can make either with others finding careers and also becoming better people in their own right where they learn how to handle emergencies,” said Kulick.

Students who choose to take the course at school also don’t have to pay for it, and directors say that’s a good thing because the training can be pricey.

The district partnered with Northampton Community College, and students will earn college credit through this program.

Johnathan Kulick-Cummings is the Director of Operations at the Bushkill Emergency Corps and says this is a great opportunity for students.

“It can provide them with a slew of professional experience and build up their resume and give them the avenue go into volunteer services that can help with job and volunteer experience,” said Kulick-Cummings.

School officials say once the emergency medical response course is concluded, an emergency medical technician course will begin in the fall.


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