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Rush to the Christmas Delivery Line in the Poconos

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — It’s that time of year again.  The Packaging Place in East Stroudsburg was busy with customers in to have presents boxed up and shipped out.

“I am sending packages to my granddaughter. My number one granddaughter in South Carolina,” said Marianne Perin, Bushkill.

Frank Monteforte owns the business.  He’s been doing this for 32 years.  The holiday season is always busy.

“It’s been nonstop for the last three weeks. It’s been different, it’s been different compared to the rest of the year,” said Monteforte.

The owner says a lot of people are getting in their gifts early because of the potential for winter weather. They don’t want their presents getting there late.

“I mean Christmas is here next week and I only have a week to mail it to her,” said Perin.

An alligator doorstop, a horse saddle, and an antique icebox are just some of what these guys have to wrap and ship before the big day.

“Gifts, candies, a lot of items, stuff over here. This is going to Boston, this Wisconsin. We have stuff here going all over the world,” said Monteforte.

If you want your cards and packages to arrive in time for Christmas, the U.S. Post Office says the deadline is Friday for First-Class mail and Saturday for Priority Mail.


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