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Vandals Destroy Computer Labs at East Stroudsburg University

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — East Stroudsburg University police are looking for at least three people responsible for a vandalism spree. Computer labs in both the science building and Stroud Hall were destroyed.

Danny Chen is a senior and has classes in both buildings.

“The sci-tech second floor, most of sci-tech, kind of got vandalized. There was a lot of kind of stuff just like lying around. It looks like someone broke in and made some damage,” said Chen.

According to campus police, it all started on Friday night. Thousands of dollars’ worth of computers, monitors, and keyboards were destroyed.

Chief William Parrish tells Newswatch 16 he is confident that the suspects are not students at ESU.

“When you look at the indiscriminate damage to this and what kind of thrill that gives to a party doing that, I don’t understand,” said Chief Parrish.

The campus police chief tells Newswatch 16 one thing that is really helping with this investigation is the fact that there are a lot of security cameras on campus.

ESU is an open campus and some buildings stay open late so students can study. The chief says they have tightened up closing times in the past.

“We are trying to find that balance of an open academic environment but with the most safety, not only just for property, but also if any activities occur with our students.”

Some students think it’s sad that people are destroying property.

“They have to be penalized for it. It can’t go unpunished. That’s how I look at it,” one student said.

At least one of the three computer labs is back up and running. The others are expected to reopen soon.

The chief says when the vandals are caught, charges will be filed.


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