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Watch Out for Deer During ‘Peak of the Rut’

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Cell phone video taken by the owner of Faimeouz Ink in East Stroudsburg shows a deer after it crashed through the window of the business on Milford Road.  It made quite the mess once inside.

The unwanted guest made his grand entrance on Monday night.

“It was taking its head and literally smashing it against the wall, smashing it against the mirror. Every direction it was running into. It was a buck so it was taking its horns and just smashing it into whatever it can. There’s blood everywhere,” said Gerald Guevarra, Faimeouz Ink.

It’s now mating season for buck and doe, otherwise known as, “peak of the rut.” During this time, the animals are very active.

Jerry Dunkelberger owns Dunkelberger’s on Main Street in Stroudsburg.  He’s also a hunter.

“They absolutely get squirrely. They get a little off their rocker. They are after the female and that’s their main interest. They don’t care what is in their way,” said Dunkelberger.

The rut goes through at least the end of November, so whether you’re driving on the road or just hanging out at your business, you’re encouraged to stay alert.

“They don’t think about cars, they don’t think about predators, they don’t think about anything else, so we as drivers need to be aware and maybe even store owners need to be aware, that these deer are out there and they are totally focused not on us,” said Kathy Uhler, Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Wildlife experts say if you run into an immediate problem with a deer, you should call 911.  Otherwise, call the Game Commission.

As for Faimeouz Ink, the place is still undergoing renovations and isn’t officially open for business just yet.


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