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Baby Animal Season in Full Swing, Leave Fawns Alone

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Almost a dozen fawns are being cared for at Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center near Stroudsburg.

Baby animals have been popping up all over.

“We have a fawn that was delivered under a tree and we just let her go and if the mother feels she’s threatened, they will move her to a safer place,” said Jennifer Shukaitis, Stroud Township.

Center director Kathy Uhler says this time of year is very busy for baby animals.

With many people headed outdoors for Memorial Day weekend, Uhler is sending out a reminder about what to do if you find one.

“We want people to know if they see a fawn, leave it there. The only time anyone should mess with a fawn is if it’s in the middle of the road, you can put it off the road and gently push it down, like a mother would, to say stay,” Kathy Uhler, Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

One place where you are bound to find baby animals is the park. At Brodhead Creek Park, there are even signs posted reminding people not to touch the baby animals.

“You absolutely should leave them alone and listen to the signs. There are a lot of organizations, wildlife organizations that put the signs up for a reason. So, if you see them, obey them,” said Evan Makuvek, Saylorsburg.

If a fawn has been crying for more than five hours or if you find one next to its mother that may have been hit by a car, that’s when you should call for help.

“It may just be, when they start getting a little older, especially the little boys they get impatient, they say, ‘Mom, I am hungry now,’ so if they are crying for an hour, that’s fine. It’s the four, five, six hours that we are worried about,” said Uhler.

Uhler says it also becomes pricey to feed baby animals. The center has a GoFund Me page set up to help those costs.


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